Misconceptions surrounding slot machines

Misconceptions surrounding slot machines

Slot machines use the most profound, latest computer technologies like no other type of gambling. The benefits of technologies bring slot machine games to the first place among most popular kind of games of chance. Computer technology allows a gambler to have a chance for extremely great jackpots. Besides, this technology creates lots of myths and misconceptions around slots.

The majority of the myths and misconceptions cannot bring any harm to a player however they can place him/her into a stressful situation and deprive of delight from playing. Here are most popular myths and interpretation of them:

1) Someone has a jackpot on the slot you just played on, you could have had that jackpot yourself if you did not stop playing.

It is not true! All slots are designed to have a computer chip that operates the Random Number Generator (RNG). The generator always creates new number combinations even when the machine is not being played. These numbers match the stops on the wheel that show the winning or losing symbols that you observe when the reels stop. When the spin button is pushed, the generator selects the combination at that given time. It is just a matter of chance that you will push the button when the generator selects the combination of number winning jackpot.

2) You can know the chances of winning by counting the symbols on each wheel.

It is not true! The generator produces a number for each spin and the number matches with the symbols on the reel. There can be hundreds and thousands of stops on each wheel. If you play on a three reel machine each wheel may have 10 symbols. The chance of winning the jackpot will be 10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000 combinations or 1 in 1000. Actually the generator may produce 300 stops for each wheel which makes the chance 300 x 300 x 300 =27000000 combinations. The main goal of slots is to produce millions of combinations and provide large paybacks.

3) Casinos can influence on the winning chances by simple manipulations on the slot machines.

It is a misconception! The computer chip rates the pay back percentage. The manufacturers define these parameters on the computer chip. A casino is not able to alter the pay back simply because it cannot alter the chip data.

4) The way of slot machine playing can depend on the temperature of the coins used for a game. It is not true! The slot machine cannot be influence by any temperature changes. It makes no difference if you use cold, hot, warm, old or new coins.